A Brief History of Juggan Jilani on Shittypedia

Caution: It’s my personal encyclopedia and this post is for fun, which purely targets mature people who are capable of extorting morals out of this story. Innocent kids are not advised to cross next few lines. Trespassers will be exposed to dirty-&-street-languaged content.

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The Rights To Be Wrong

The brownish segments of the footpath’s bricks looked very pretty. They looked prettier when he noticed the haunted buildings, which were floating beside them in the moonlight. He was alone there, watching the moon behind the dirty clouds.

Even though, he didn’t like moon that much, he was still happy to witness such a beautiful scenery. He was thinking of his darkest desires, in the brightest moonlight. He had finally stopped caring for others, stopped pleasing others, stopped listening to the bad things that they said.


“Alchemist was right,” he thought. “If the moon is beautiful, and loving it is a good thing but you don’t feel like loving it, you should better love the sun.”

He placed his feet on the bricked footpath again, looked at the moon, smiled and said, “Sweetheart, if you got all the rights to be bad and beautiful, I have got all the rights to be right and wrong.”

A Sweet Thing To Say

“Tell me something sweet, before i doze off.” She ordered innocently.

“Sweetheart, I’m tired and sleepy. You are sweet! you know that. What else can be sweeter?” I reassured.

No! Look at me. I’m sleepy, sleepy and (Errrmmmm) sleepy. I have three things to suffer, you have two. Are you going to say something or should I doze off?” She blackmailed.

I had to agree with her THREE THINGS, along with THE FOUR and a few more. I had a bad day, which was full of pleasant failures. She too had a bad day but it was full of a thousand sweet miseries . I had run out of peace and was unable to afford a one night’s sleep. Afraid that She’ll really doze off, If i said something sweet,

I said,

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