A Sweet Thing To Say

“Tell me something sweet, before i doze off.” She ordered innocently.

“Sweetheart, I’m tired and sleepy. You are sweet! you know that. What else can be sweeter?” I reassured.

No! Look at me. I’m sleepy, sleepy and (Errrmmmm) sleepy. I have three things to suffer, you have two. Are you going to say something or should I doze off?” She blackmailed.

I had to agree with her THREE THINGS, along with THE FOUR and a few more. I had a bad day, which was full of pleasant failures. She too had a bad day but it was full of a thousand sweet miseries . I had run out of peace and was unable to afford a one night’s sleep. Afraid that She’ll really doze off, If i said something sweet,

I said,

“Emmm, Okay. Look into my eyes. I’ll look into yours. Don’t say anything, I won’t either. We ‘ll listen to the silence between us until we fall asleep.”

I knew that the silence would storm a few of our passions, and a lot of our dreams; Some fake and Phony things and a few sweet lies. Above all, it will talk about her presence, and mine.

Instead of looking, she plunged her eyes into mine and blinked…


14 thoughts on “A Sweet Thing To Say”

  1. hey thanks for the comment! and i really like the way you right, it’s very expressive and has that touch of true-to-life obscurity that i think most people lack, keep up the good work!

  2. its reallyy nice..i feel it shows da deep relation dey share…its nt jus words or selfishness 2 hav sum1 so dat u can liv in dis world….nd yaa…d way u write givs a beautiful touch 2 sumthing which is as normal as lukin in2 sum1s eyez..dts artistic

    Thank you for your kind appreciation. But who are you? you didn’t provide any link. Btw, you sound familiar.

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