I Got God On My Back

When you know that God stands by you, watches your back and is eager to support if you keep your heart clean, you don’t feel any fears at all. When you know fears no more, you play. And you play it hard when he is with you. Same are the things with me and with everyone else.

Often times, I fell like falling apart and letting things leave me, and letting me leave them but just when the failure is peeking at me around the corner, (I don’t know how) but He makes me think of Him; and it reveals upon me, very slowly, shaking my inside. When it happens, I feel the warm heat inside my hands, and a chill running up my spine. My brain stops working and heart beats faster -faster than it should. And I close my eyes, trying to feel that He  is watching me right from my inside, from high above and deep beneath, and from everything I see, hear, feel and believe. And I believe whatever I feel.

The whole world suddenly unveils right in front of my eyes and I see myself following His signs, counting His blessing and longing to make Him be mine. I feel that He smiles to see what would a person do after knowing that his God, his Lord is with him and He will catch him before falling, crying and even dying if His mercy wants to.

Then, I feel ashamed. For a lot of things that I did in my life and unfortunately I still do. For not counting my blessings, and the rate they have been showered onto me; for straying; for not being grateful. But I never lose hope. And I love not losing hope. I keep telling all the people about this.. All of my friends about this feeling of mine, trying to make them feel the same. But it doesn’t seem like they do feel it like I do. I don’t know why.

I give everyone an example of a kid, who is learning how to walk. Someone is always helping him learn how to walk. At first, the kid doesn’t give walking a try. He is afraid to walk, afraid to try. But after sometimes, when his supporter helps him and makes him walk even without his will, he starts believing that there is someone on his back who would care. Who WILL catch him before the fall. He gradually starts developing this belief that someone is eager to help him and he doesn’t need to be afraid.

When he is full of these feelings, he forgets his fears and walks on with his head high, without any doubts. And he enjoys this whole adventure of going through a trial and having someone on your back. Safe side. No Harms. I love to walk on, with no fears but beliefs and a smile which is mine. And I love being protected, being loved and cared. And I love myself.

He created me and thinking about being created by the only perfect Artist, feeling like being an Art of God, being a perfect art. Man, I can’t explain. I love my creator and the way He created me. And I have Him on my back. Thanks, My Lord.


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